Our Services :

We are more than standard IT service provider!
We help in Digitizing your business and Optimizing your IT operations
Cost-effective application development framework of BdOts offers you with multitude services through ready-to-use payroll processing systems, Portal Designs...

Mobile & Application Development

Enable your business with the new trends in technology – Mobile or Web based!
We are creators of applications of any kind – games, mobile based, business applications.
We help keep your IT simple, at the same time ensure alignment to your business objectives. We take a technology agnostic approach for application development and keep our customers away from the over head of technology upgrade, obsolescence.
We cater to all industries ranging from BFS, Healthcare, Media to Entertainment.

Mobile application


Make your IT look simple by outsourcing your IT services to bDoTS and we will enable your business with simple optimized solution. In the current technology driven era, we will help digitize your business thereby helping you to stay ahead of the curve. 
We provide Application development, maintenance and testing services across various technologies and platforms. 
Outsource your payroll processing and focus on your core business! We help in simplifying your payroll systems through our ready-to-use indigenous system which is completely automated and cost effective. Our system provides you with an accurate monthly payroll processing, irrespective of the type of industry segment.
We offer a convenient easy to use solution which calculates payroll amounts and also the taxes of employer and employee. Advantages we offer through outsourcing: 
Risk Reduction :
Reduce risk of human errors through the automated tool
Leverage Experts:
 Leverage the expert view that bDoTS brings to the table, to bring best practices 
Focus on value added services:
 Outsource your payroll services, and release the bandwidth focusing on your core business and value added services
We have best of brains to work on the core development and combined with the advisory from industry leaders we ensure delivery excellence. 


Graphic & Web Designing

Web and Graphic Design have become quintessential for any organization, and bDoTS helps in bringing best of breed solutions for your web design. We pioneer in designing graphics for websites, mobile applications, branding etc
We understand that any website / mobile application is more than a normal design;  it plays a pivotal role for your business' marketing, promotion, branding strategy. At BDOTS we are more than designers, helping chalk out a strategy bringing best practices from industry.
  We can assist you in:

  • Content design
  • Mobile websites
  • Integration of websites with your core systems
  • User Testing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Enabling social media

If maintaining the currency of the platform is not your cup of tea, we can help maintain these systems  and constantly revamping to ensure the design is most current.

Graphic Web Design

We Make your Business simple and passion

Enable your business with the new trends in technology – Mobile or Web based! We are creators of applications......